Question 1. Where do you provide service?
AnswerWe are currently serving within Ghatkopar to Thane in Mumbai city. However, we are planning to cover the entire city soon.  keep checking this space for updates.
Question 2. Can I give my cycle on rent here?
AnswerNo. Only Cycleonrent is giving the cycles/bikes on rent to Customers.
Question 3. Is there a minimum rent period for subscribing?
AnswerYes, there is a minimum subscription period depending upon the cycle/bike you choose to rent.
Question 4. How much rental value do I have to pay and when?
AnswerSelect the products you like and the rental tenure, you will see the total rental value in your cart. Rental value to be paid in advance and can be paid online through Cycleonrent website.
Question 5. Is there any deposit to be paid, and if yes then Why do I have to pay the deposit?
AnswerYes, we charge a nominal security deposit amount to secure our cycle/bike against damages, if any. However, this security deposit amount will not carry any interest but fully refundable to the customer, if the cycle/bike is returned in a good riding condition (normal wear and tear accepted)
Question 6. What are the available modes of payment?
AnswerYou can pay us through net banking/credit card/debit card/payment wallet.
Question 7. Can I buy the products which I have taken on rent from Cycleonrent?
AnswerYes, you can buy the product after your subscription period ends.
Question 8. Can I upgrade/ swap the rented product?
AnswerYes, subject to payment of additional charges.  You have to close your existing subscription and place a new order for the product you’d like to rent and upgrade to.
Question 9. How long will delivery take?
AnswerAfter you have subscribed and made the payment, we will do a quick verification of your profile. Once your profile is verified, we’ll deliver your product within 5-7 working days.
Question 10. What happens if the rented cycle/bike is involved in an accident?
AnswerIn case the rented cycle /bike is met with an accident and/or damaged, you will be responsible for damage costs, repairing charges, legal fees (if any) and other related costs such as towing costs.
Question 11. Do I need to be present at the time of delivery of bike?
AnswerYes, you will need to be present at the time of delivery.
Question 12. When and where do you usually deliver?
AnswerWe work on all days of the week. We do free delivery for the rental tenure of 12months and more. We are currently active in Ghatkopar to Thane areas of Mumbai and very soon expanding our coverage area to the other parts of Mumbai.  Customer has to pick up and deliver the cycle/bike from/at the designated locations of Cycleonrent. In case you want the cycle/bike to be delivered at your location/premises, additional delivery cost will be charged to you.
Question 13. What happens if I return the cycle/bike late?
AnswerThe Customer /Lessee will have to pay an additional rental on a pro rata basis for the additional no. of days/ months the cycle/bike is used and a late fee.
Question 14. When do I get my deposit back?
AnswerWe will pick up the products on the completion of your rental tenure, and upon successful Quality Check, we will immediately initiate the refund of your security deposit to your registered bank account in 10 working days. No interest is being paid on the deposit amount.
Question 15. Do I have to return the cycle /bike to the same location where I picked it up?
AnswerYes cycle/bike to be returned at our designated delivery/pick up locations only.  However, we offer delivery and pick up services from the location of the customer provided customer is willing to bear and pay such additional transportation cost.
Question 16. What if I don't like the product at the time of delivery?
AnswerWe make sure all the products are in good riding condition (in case of pre-used ones) when they reach without compromise on riding quality. We do pre-quality checks on every piece of cycle/bike before delivery. However, if you don’t like the products at the time of delivery – there will be no questions asked. Love it or return it.
Question 17. What documents are required to submit for rental subscription of a cycle/bike?
AnswerFor our KYC process we require the following documents at the time of booking the order:

  1. Photo ID proof(any one):Passport/PAN Card / Driving License / Aadhar Card/Election ID card.
  2. Permanent Address proof (Any one) : Latest Electricity Bill/ Gas Bill/Water Bill/Society Maintenance Bill/Ration Card
  3. Present Address proof (If different from permanent address) (Any one) : House rent agreement / Address proof on company letterhead / Govt. issued proof / Bank Statement /NOC from the owner if you are living in rented house.

Additionally, we might need additional documents to process your order smoothly. We will contact you about the same, if required.

Question 18. Is the cycle/bike insured or do I have to pay for the insurance?
AnswerYes, every cycle/bike rented to customer is insured. You do not have to pay anything extra for insurance.
Question 19. Is there any contract to be signed? What are the terms?
AnswerYes, you need to execute a contract with us.  Please refer the detailed Terms and Conditions available on the website.